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We have lowered our prices and have more offers and deals than ever. Please check the website for all the different packages. We are also keeping our commitment to keep the class sizes down for you to enjoy your ballet experience to the maximum.

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Individual class £14

4 classes £52 (valid for 5 weeks)

5 classes £60 (valid for 6 weeks)

10 classes £115 (valid for 6 weeks)

French Floor Barre £10


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Based on your individual needs and desires

Private Classes

Book bespoke private classes with one of our highly qualified teachers. Private classes will be created based on your individual needs and desires, which help to improve your technique, flexibility and vary your ballet practice. If you want to book a class, please email us on and we will arrange it for you.


  • 1 person £85
  • 2 persons £100
  • 3 persons £120

Our Story

Manor Ballet offers adult classes with something for every student. We have extraordinary teachers who offer an incredible level of expertise and dedication. Our adult ballet classes have the traditions of Russian ballet at their heart with young fresh ideas woven into the structure. We always aim for expression and artistry combined with athleticism and learning. People love to work in the warm and happy environment which is our adult school. Classes are not just ordinary lessons our teachers want you to learn while having fun as well as benefitting from excellent workouts for both the mind and body. Whichever class you choose, whether intermediate or beginners, you will receive the amazing benefits of ballet and see your body change.

We have adult ballet at every level in the morning and the evening. Whether you have always wanted to take a ballet class but never dared or you want to keep going with ballet or to come back to ballet we have a unique approach. Our teachers love their students and want them to stay loving and learning ballet. It is never too late to learn and have fun.

Our classes are truly for everyone seeking the harmony and physical rewards of ballet in a beautiful building with very attentive teaching. You will find harmony as you use your body together with your mind. At Manor Ballet we work together in a warm and friendly environment to give you confidence and make you feel beautiful.

Our school is the best kept secret in London.

Your wellbeing is our passion made possible through the unique range of adult classes we offer at Manor Ballet.

Change the way you look and feel about yourself. Adult ballet makes a lasting difference to you and after only a few lessons whatever class you take.

Check out the timetable and see what is right for you, whether you want to start the morning with a fresh mind and body at the office, need a life-saving workout at lunch time or want to relax and wind down at the end of the day we have something for you.