Important Studio Information

It is with great sadness that we write to inform you that Manor Ballet has closed permanently. All activity and classes will cease on Saturday 16th July. There will be no further lessons of any form what so ever following this date and the building will be closed. No entry will be permitted.

The school finds itself unable to meet the daily costs of running the building, which in some cases have trebled. It is impossible to operate on such a basis.  Income has been continually outstripped by expenditure for an extended period and operations must cease to prevent the situation deteriorating further.

All pre-paid classes will be refunded automatically within the next 8 days. If funds are not received after that period please contact the old school email and the matter will be attended to.

It is sad to close after so many years but the financial difficulties may no longer be ignored. We will miss all the students who have been part of that time and wish everyone the best.