What is our French Floor Barre?

It is a carefully-curated programme which lifts and tones your body using your own body weight together with the repetition of minutely modulated movements and exercises. You will change your shape with longer and leaner muscles. It is based on the French floor barre developed in Paris for both dancer and non dancer alike.

Our Barre is unique and provides a programme to give you all the benefits of ballet without the grind. Working with Henriette Wolf you will feel different and see a difference in your body. Floor barre will give the long lean muscles of a ballet dancer without the grind of daily class.

Barre is designed not just to open yourself to improvement but to feel improvement as well, all through the fusion of ballet and conditioning which creates a challenging dynamism throughout the class. No Barre class is ever the same and just as in ballet the teacher look for precise movements and body control.

Barre will help you discover motivation and your potential.

Barre class is tough but it is more than about toning your body; it specifically targets all muscles to lengthen and strengthen. In Barre you will focus on your flexibility with dynamism, while you dramatically improve core strength, correct muscle imbalance and the shape of your body to produce a powerful new you.

These unique one hour Barre classes sculpt your body and help to create muscle alignment where all muscles are worked proportionally, as in ballet, targeting muscles down the spine while lifting the bottom and working the thighs and hips as you work through the resistance of the body during Barre.

We guarantee you will leave French Floor Barre uplifted with a strong sense of well-being from the ultimate combination of mind body control for complete relaxation.

French Floor Barre is an ideal option for pre-work workouts or to start the day after the school drop off. Check out the timetable.